Some Quick News on the Panasonic GH5 and G80/G85


I was at a trade show this morning, and I spoke to a Panasonic rep (note: Totally different one from my previous post about the GH5 last year). I didn’t get any really amazing information, unfortunately, but I did ask about IBIS and his comment was basically “I would be surprised if the GH5 did not have it – all our other recent cameras do.”

So this was basically what I had said in my recent GH5 announcement in review post, and it’s worth noting that this rep did not act like he had any inside information. At least, though, it’s great news that he didn’t act like he knew it wasn’t coming, or anything like that. And to be honest, a lot of the reason I asked the question was to just add my little contribution to the chorus of people who want IBIS on the GH5. Hopefully, Panasonic will get the point of how crucial this feature will be to GH5 sales – they probably already have.

On another note, I tried out the G85 (aka G80), since they had one on display, and it’s a very nice camera! This isn’t particularly news, but ergonomically, it felt a lot like the GH4, which is a very comfortable camera in my opinion.

Of course, the G80/G85 has a slightly different feature set than the GH4 – it has IBIS and some other features from the GX85, but it’s also missing some more professional video features. Some people will prefer the G80, some will prefer the GH4. Personally, I own both the GH4 and the GX85, and I would trade either of them for the G80 – IBIS is a big feature to me, and the ergonomics of the G80 are much nicer than the GX85, to my hands anyway. But not everyone might have that preference – the GH4 is probably a better camera for people shooting professional footage.

One interesting point was that there was a guy talking to another Panasonic rep who was very eager to buy a G80/G85. Unfortunately for him, they weren’t selling them yet, and he seemed disappointed. I don’t know if this is enough data to say that the camera is a winner, but it probably is at least a good sign. I think the G80 may be quite a big seller when it comes to the M43 world, and probably the camera that people recommend as a good camera with great value – sort of like the SONY a6300, and a6000 before it: A really safe bet that isn’t insanely expensive, and offers pretty much any feature an enthusiast would want.

I also tried out a couple of the new Panasonic lenses. I tried the 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 that will ship as the kit lens on the G80/G85, and it was fine. I actually thought that Panasonic had announced a nice, fast version of this lens at Photokina 2016 a few weeks ago, but upon Googling it, it seems that I was wrong.

I also checked out some new Olympus stuff (2 of their new lenses and the EM1 Mark II), and will write another post shortly about that.

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