The Followup to the Sony a6000’s official name and hint of timing

The Followup to the Sony a6000’s official name and hint of timing

Oh my! I wrote this post 2 days ago, and didn’t get around to finishing and uploading it. In the meantime, SONY have updated their site to fix the bug that I saw, so you will have to trust me on this, but the page truly was redirecting as I describe, as of just 2 days ago. Perhaps someone at SONY saw that someone was sniffing around different URLS and fixed the thing I saw and note below.

There have been some rumors about the followup to the SONY a6000, which so far have not been proven right. One rumors site said it would be released on September 11, 2015, which wasn’t true, and it puts into doubt the other rumors this site reported (which I’ll repeat below).

Well, I just want to say, that I can announce with 99.9% certainty that the camera will indeed be called the SONY a6100, and not the a7000, as a lot of sites have dubbed it. I’ll explain why:

If you go to the official website for the previous versions, the ends of the URLS are named like so:




You can see by clicking through that the whole URL is the same in each case, except the model number.

So, an interesting thing happens when you change these numbers for different ones: If you put in a totally random number like 9900, you get an error page:


And if you put in 7000, which would be the URL for an a7000 camera, you actually get sent to the page for the a7:


However, if you enter the 6100 model number, you get a whole different error – you’re redirected to a page that lists all their interchangeable lens cameras:


(If you click that and just get the regular error page, they may change this. Also if you click that once the a6000 has officially been announced, it will almost certainly take you to an actual product page, not an error).

So this means that their web department has already created a product page for the a6100, and are waiting to flip the switch when the camera is announced. This, to me, heavily hints at a fairly imminent release, at least before Christmas 2015, but that’s not 100% definite of course.

As for the actual camera itself, I’ve trawled the web for info, and there are conflicting reports, and some of them come from fairly unreliable sources that said the camera would be announced a month ago. It seems like the a6000 was almost a perfect camera in its class, and just super, super popular (read the Amazon reviews!), and a fantastic value, so there may not be a ton of features they could add.

The most obvious thing is going to be 4K video – this may be controversial, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say that SONY will almost definitely include this. It’s the one thing that could be a large improvement on the original a6000, as opposed to everything else, which will be small, evolutionary improvements. What’s more, SONY have shown a willingness to push features out as fast as they can, as opposed to their plodding, entrenched competitors (mostly Canon), who could easily add newer technology to their cameras, but prefer to mete them out slowly and bleed all the customers already in their ecosystem for every possible dollar over the years.

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