LightingRumours Has a Very Nice Review of the Pixelstick

LightingRumours Has a Very Nice Review of the Pixelstick


Looking around the web today, I noticed this review of the Pixelstick on Lighting Rumours, and I recommend giving it a look. It’s informative, and includes some some really nice photos.

This is one of the more abstract Pixelstick creations out there, but extremely realistic images are also available – scroll down for one.

The Pixelstick is a lightpainting tool, originally sold through a (quite successful) Kickstarter campaign, and now on a dedicated website. For $349, you get a long stick with 200 colored LEDs on it, and a controller which lets you do incredibly complicated things, and create lightpaintings out of images of your own.

How it works is that you take an image that’s 200 pixels vertically, and you put that on an SD card, then you put that card into the Pixelstick. As you walk across your lightpainting “canvas”, the LEDs will change color to match the horizontal pixels of the image you loaded.

I wanted to include an image from the review I’m talking about, so I nicked this one. It’s Copyright Robbert Dijkstra – Picturelab. (He wrote the review in question.)

It’s an incredibly smart idea that they seem to have done very well, according to the Lighting Rumours review. The review does make a good point that it’s not a cheap tool, but that it’s worth it if you can keep coming up with creative uses for it. I agree, but I will add that while the Lighting Rumours guy created some great images with it (as seen above), there are also a number of extremely cool stop-motion videos I’ve seen with it, and I think perhaps that might be the best way to squeeze the most value and use out of the Pixelstick.

So for now, check out the review I mentioned, as well as some other good links (with more pics) I’ve stuck below.


Of course, the official Pixelstick site has a ton of info, as well as being the place to buy one now that the Kickstarter is long over.

The Pixelstick’s Kickstarter campaign has good selection of images and movies on its Updates page. Scroll down that to see some of the work they’ve felt is especially worth showcasing.

The Lighting Rumours review this whole dang post is about.

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